They’re all free and they’re all yours. Right-click a podcast to save, or left-click to play. They’re all in normal MP3 format (no DRM).

If you’re looking for the more detailed, in-depth podcasts on women and business that I do every month, go here.

Blackdragon Podcast #6 – Don’t Suppress Yourself
Recorded August, 2016. How to not lose out on the women you want by ensuring you operate in a way where your odds of success are highest.

Blackdragon Podcast #5 – Serious, Pair-Bonded, Nonmonogamous Relationships
Recorded May, 2015. How to design a serious, long-term, nonmonogamous relationship with that one special woman you care about.

Blackdragon Podcast #4 – Relationships: The Old Model vs. A New Model
Recorded March, 2014. How normal people structure their relationships for problems, drama, lying, and breakups, and how you can structure your relationships for consistent happiness and excitement instead.

Blackdragon Podcast #3 – How To Have A First Date
Recorded November, 2012. Step-by-step instructions on exactly how to have the best first date possible, for maximum results.

Blackdragon Podcast #2 – She’s Replaceable
Recorded October, 2012. Don’t get sucked into one woman who is Not Like The Rest™ thinking you can never replace her. You can.

Blackdragon Podcast #1 – Your Objectives
Recorded January, 2012. Reduce your stress and wasted time with women by clarifying your objectives with that part of your life.

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