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Facial Hair: Part 2
Determining Your Target Market
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Online Dating Techniques
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Relationship Skills
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The Text Game
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Inner Game
Your Belief System Regarding Women
The Five Stages of Fear
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5 Ways You Can Be Confident As An Introvert
Freedom and the Alpha Male
Nine Steps To Avoid Neediness and Oneitis

How Women Work
The Three Types of Women
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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Women’s Three Buttons
Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compliment A Woman’s Appearance
Where Woman Logic Comes From
How To Translate Woman Language Into English
The Evolution of the Modern Woman, From Age 16 to 35

A Dragon In Japan
A Dragon In China
A Dragon In Canada
A Dragon In The Bahamas
A Dragon In New York
A Dragon In Miami

Hater’s Corner
Do you hate me or hate some things I’ve read? Some of you folks get a little testy when you read a blog like this. Never fear, this little spot is for you.
If you think I think women are bad, read THIS.
If you think I’m a misogynist, read THIS.
If you think I don’t like women, read THIS.
If you think I’m against women’s rights, read THIS.
If you think helping men learn how to have sex with women is about “rape” or “rape culture”, read THIS.
If you think open relationships or open marriages are a form of “cheating”, read THIS.

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