You have been sent to this page because you have asked about advertising, or guest posting on one of my websites, or doing some kind of marketing joint venture. Please see below as to your relevant section. Thank you for your inquiry!

Guest Blog Posts

I do not utilize guest blog posts at any of my blogs at this time.

Text Links or Backlinks

I do not offer or sell text links or backlinks on any of my websites at this time. It the future I may but not right now.


I do not sell advertising on my blogs, but I do sell banner adverting at the pick-up artist form called NextASF which is at This forum gets more traffic than my blogs do. If you are interested in purchasing a banner ad there, email me and I can forward you the relevant rate sheets.


I generally do not place infographics on my blogs, but if you have any to offer, feel free to send them over and I’ll take a look. I will only reply to you if I decide to include your infographic on my blogs, which is unlikely.

Joint Ventures

If you are interested in cross-selling or joint ventures, I am only interested in this if A) you have been regularly blogging (or submitting other regular content like podcasts or videos), consistently, every month, for at least 18 months straight, and B) you have a clear and established audience. If that accurately describes you, email me and give me your idea. If that doesn’t describe you, come back after you have more content provider experience under your belt.

Again, thank you for your inquiry.

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