Do you have trouble with women?

Is it difficult to bring new women into your life?

Once you have a woman in your life, do you spend a lot of time compromising, arguing, stressing out, or not getting what you want?

This blog is designed to help you bring more women into your life in a way that makes you happy and maintains your freedom as a man.

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I’m Blackdragon. Many years ago I was timid with women and had trouble dating, getting laid, maintaining happy romantic relationships, and all that other good stuff all of us men want. Once I finally “got lucky” and started dating a special girl, things were great…for a while. But eventually I had all the usual problems. Arguments. Jealousy. Drama. Compromises that made me unhappy. Lack of sex. Lack of freedom. Feeling trapped. Etc.

Today things are a little different.

Today I can bring new woman into my sex life quickly and easily, usually within three hours of meeting her. I am usually dating three or four women at a time, and all women involved know what I’m doing. There is 100% honesty, full disclosure, and virtually no drama. These are women of all ages, including women my age (I’m in my early 40s), women 20 years younger than me, and women older than me.

I can live, love, and experience all that women have to offer in the most deep and profound ways…but I am still free to be a man. I’ve been living this lifestyle since 2007 and it’s an extremely good place to be.

Add that to the fact that I’m self-employed, make a good income, and have zero employees, I live the lifestyle of the modern Alpha Male, what I call the Alpha Male 2.0.

This blog has everything you need to do the same thing, since the techniques discussed here can be replicated by any other guy who wants to get this part of his life handled.

 Enter Your Email For 4 Free Ebooks Plus A Subscription To A Free Q&A Dating and Business Success Newsletter

I have worked with thousands of men all over the world. These techniques work and this blog shows you exactly how to do it. I also have various ebooks available, as well as an online forum to help you on your journey.

Almost everything you’ve been taught about what’s right or what’s possible is wrong. I’m here to help re-educate you, but only if you’re willing to admit that what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t been working for you. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to continue stressing, arguing, compromising, and worrying just like the rest of society. Which, by the way, is exactly what society has trained you to do.


Outside of this blog, I’m a successful business consultant, writer, and professional speaker, focusing on the areas of business success and time management. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA. I’m the proud father of two children and travel the world often.

My business and time management blog is called Sublime Your Time. I also have a personal blog where I discuss things like book reviews, movie reviews, current events, economics, politics, and other guy stuff.


Men are having a rougher time in society now than ever before. I’m here to help you on your journey of self-improvement, if you’re willing to take it.

See you out there!

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