The four Maximum Freedom courses are available here at a discount until Monday night. Here are a few questions that have come in, with their answers.

Are all of these courses available to us affiliates to resell?

Yep, both through the Kartra program and through ShareASale, whichever affiliate program you prefer. You guys get 40% of the sale on any of the four versions of the course. (That’s a lot of money for you guys.)

Is there a full listing of all the video lessons for all the courses somewhere?

Right here, along with how long each lesson is. As you can see, most of the lessons are pretty long. As I said, this is the most comprehensive course I have ever done (and probably ever will do).

Maximum Freedom Standard

Navigating The Two Paths (16:30)

The Three Life Phases (10:14)

How the Seven Life Areas Tie Into The Three Phases (7:11)

Freedom of Action (20:30)

Financial Freedom (5:13)

Sexual Freedom (4:28)

Social Freedom (4:58)

Alpha Male 2.0 Financial Baseline (10:34)

Alpha Male 2.0 Sexual Baseline (10:32)

Alpha Male 2.0 Physical Baseline (6:19)

Self Assessment Exercise (29:28)

Core Confidence Building (11:33)

Building Psychological Confidence (13:19)

The Worry Destroyer (9:07)

Core Outcome Independence (11:45)

Influence Zones (10:24)

Further Boosting Outcome Independence (8:49)

Designing Your Ideal Life (28:05)

Designing Your Life Mission (37:54)

Establishing Goals and Plans (18:42)

How To Get All of This Done (10:26)

How To Stay Motivated When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It (20:05)

Dealing With Family and Friends (21:56)

Course Conclusion (5:44)


Alpha Male 2.0 Finances 

All of the lessons in the Standard course, plus…

Objectives of Your Money (7:16)

The Alpha Male 2.0 Personal Finance Flowchart (22:37)

Step-by-Step Plan To Become Debt-Free (7:29)

The Alpha Male 2.0 Investment Model (19:13)

How To Massively Save on Taxes w/ Guest Experts (45:22)


Alpha Male 2.0 For The Older Man

All of the lessons in the Standard course, plus…

Building and Maintaining Maximum Physical Energy (21:57)

The Six Ingredients for Alpha Male 2.0 Physical Baseline (16:18)

Managing Key Hormone Levels (18:07)

Maximize Your Testosterone with Dr. Faler (41:22)

How To Age Well (36:10)

Dating Younger Women (27:35)

Getting to High Income ($200K per year plus) (29:28)

Maintaining Libido (17:17)

Raising Children as an Alpha Male 2.0 (23:11)

Sugar Daddy Game (18:39)

Advanced Investing (30:10)


Dating and International

All of the lessons in the Standard course, plus…

Alpha Male 2.0 Dating and Relationships Sustainable Model (40:34)

Selecting The Best Game Style For You (17:40)

Step-by-Step Battle Plan To Bring New Women Into Your Life (26:32)

Increasing Internal Attractiveness (17:25)

Optimizing Physical Appearance (12:31)

Getting to Sex Fast (11:18)

Structuring Your Woman Goals Based On Your Life Stage (9:11)

Implementing the Cardinal Rules (43:28)

Navigating The Five Relationship Phases (25:14)

Oneitis Management (28:25)

Settling Down When Older (19:23)

OLTR Marriage (with Pink Firefly) (36:22)

Jealousy Management (29:30)

How to Manage An International Lifestyle (14:03)

How to Profit from International Business (11:46)

International Women (12:33)

International Relationship Management (9:49)

Advanced International: Five Flags Benefits and Requirements (19:00)

Advanced International: Five Flags Implementation (21:20)


Click here to get any of the above courses before Monday night when the bonuses end and the prices go up.

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