Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course is NOW AVAILABLE

My most comprehensive course ever, Maximum Freedom, is now available at right now along with its temporarily reduced price and free bonuses.

To get $150 off any of the courses use the discount code BDweekendlaunch when you are on the checkout page. This code will only work until Monday night so if you want in on this, now is the time. (SMIC members have a better discount code; you guys just need to log into the SMIC member site to get that.)

There are four versions of the course available, listed below. If you get any of them before Monday night at 8 p.m. EST, you will also get the following three bonuses:

1. A $150 coupon discount off the price of any of the four options (discount code BDweekendlaunch)

2. The Ultimate Version of Any Blackdragon dating book of your choice, free. (Online Dating Manual, Get To Sex Fast, Open Relationships, Younger Women, or Open Marriage) This will be sent to you 35 days after your purchase.

3. A live Q&A coaching conference with me in mid-September where I can help you on your Alpha Male 2.0 journey.

Click here to get the course version you want. The clock is ticking!

First Course: The first course is the basic version of the course, simply called Maximum Freedom. It includes the baseline aspects of how to build an Alpha Male 2.0 life. It includes 24 videos over six sections:

  • The Three Life Phases (three video lessons)
  • Establishing The Foundations (eight video lessons)
  • How To Build Confidence (three video lessons)
  • How to Build Outcome Independence (three video lessons)
  • Designing Your Life (three video lessons)
  • Life Management (four video lessons)

This is over five hours of video content in total.

And you also get:

  • PDF transcripts of every video lesson
  • The Unchained Man in every electronic format (PDF, EPUB, and Kindle)
  • The unabridged version of The Unchained Man audiobook (over 19 hours of audio)
  • Lifetime membership the private and restricted course-only Maximum Freedom Facebook group
  • Life planning Excel worksheets
  • Several bonus podcasts

Click here to get it.


Second Course: The second option is called Alpha Male 2.0 Finances. This covers all of the personal financial management you’ll need (investing, saving, debt, taxes, and so on). It includes everything in the Maximum Freedom course above plus these additional lessons:

  • Objectives of Your Money
  • The Alpha Male 2.0 Personal Finance Structure
  • Step-by-Step Plan To Become Debt-Free
  • The Alpha Male 2.0 Investment Model
  • How To Massively Save on Taxes

It’s over 90 minutes of additional video content for 6.5 hours total. Click here to get it.


Third Course: The third option is a course called Alpha Male 2.0 For The Older Man. It covers the women and financial specifics for men over the age of 35. It includes everything in the Maximum Freedom course above plus these lessons:

Alpha Male 2.0 For The Older Man

  • Anti-Aging
  • Dating Younger Women
  • Getting to High Income ($200K per year plus)
  • Maintaining Libido
  • Raising Children
  • Sugar Daddy Game
  • Advanced Investing

How To Achieve Maximum Daily Energy

  • Building and Maintaining Maximum Physical Energy
  • The Six Ingredients for Alpha Male 2.0 Physical Baseline
  • Managing Key Hormone Levels
  • Maximize Your Testosterone with Dr. Faler

It’s over 4.5 hours of additional video content, for a total of 9.5 hours. Click here to get it.


Fourth Course: The fourth and last option is a course called Dating and International. It covers dating new women, relationship management, and doing business and dating in other countries. It includes these sections:

  • How To Get New Women (six video lessons)
  • Relationship Management (seven video lessons)
  • The International Alpha Male 2.0 (six video lessons)

It’s 7 hours of additional video content, for 12 hours of content total.

Click here to get the course version you want. The clock is ticking!

2 Comments on “Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course is NOW AVAILABLE

  1. I just purchased the course – 3rd option for men over 35.  I thought it included course #2 on finances.  How can i get the ”finances” component (option 2) ? I was very interested in that.


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