I want to make sure the subjects I talk about on my blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media, and email newsletter are ones you guys really want and genuinely find valuable. I do my best to guess the subjects you want, and I seem to do pretty good with that, but I want to be SURE rather than guess and hope that I’m right. 

My goal, and I’m 100% serious about this, is to have the highest-impact content of any other person you read or listen to on the internet. With the men in my niche, that 10% of men strongly interested in Alpha Male 2.0 techniques, models, and concepts, I want to be the person on the internet with the most valuable information for you. I mean it. 

To make sure I’m providing the best information to you as I possibly can, please take a minute and answer the following six questions. It will help you. It will ensure that I spend time discussing topics you want to learn about and that will make the biggest positive impact on your life. 

You can answer the questions in the comments or you can send me an email to theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com with your numbered answers. Be as detailed or as brief in your answers as you like. It will be fun. Here they are. 

1. Where do you need the most help within your life right now, particularly during this time of crisis?

2. What topics should I discuss more?

3. Are there any topics I cover often that I shouldn’t cover or should cover less often? If not, great, skip this question. But if there are, what are they?

4. What areas could I address that would make the biggest positive impact on you?

5. What are your biggest fears about the future (if any)?

6. Is there something new or different I’m not offering right now that I should? If so, what? 

Thanks in advance. Your answers will ensure my content will be better for you. 

43 Comments on “Let Me Know What Subjects You Want Me to Cover

  1. This is great. I don’t see any major things that need to change.

    My biggest concern:

    How will you prepare and manage things when the dollar starts to drop against other currencies?

  2. 1] With online, you talk about having a great profile, yet don’t share yours and I understand why, but since guys as you know, are visual creatures and just talking about it isn’t enough, it’d be great if you can present in a future paid product, the profiles of 20 guys from varying age ranges, that you consider are outstanding, whether it’s due to their profile text, their pics, their Instagram, or preferably all of them. I know you say you can’t do that, but the difference here, is you’d have the permission of guys to do that, because you’d put a callout on both SMIC and on your blog saying you want to do that for a paid product in the next 6-12 months time and you’re asking for guys to submit a link to their online profile and dating app profile (preferably both) and their Instagram. I get some guys are private and wouldn’t want to do that, but some hopefully would.

    For those who are game enough to get in touch, if their profile is deemed by you to be outstanding and it’s getting them great results (which they’d have to offer proof of), you’d contact them if they’re chosen. In return each guy would get a $US 100 or 200 voucher to use to purchase any future Blackdragon product. You’d filter guys out based on numerous factors like ‘well it’s pretty obvious why this dude does so extremely well online, as most people would agree he’s a 10 out of 10 in good looks terms, so this isn’t going to be helpful to my male readership.



  3. 2] Put a call out on SMIC and also on here, saying you want to do a paid webinar in 6-12 months time, where you’d interview guys (who are happy to appear on video) currently aged 40 and over, who are consistently getting laid online on dating apps and dating sites with younger women and they’d discuss how they’re doing it and all their tactics. It wouldn’t be something you’d do on your YouTube.  You’d be after about 12 guys.  The criteria though, is that they’re not doing it all via doing sugar daddy game and paying women. They’re doing it via normal online dating sites and apps and also not using adult dating sites.

    In return, each guy would get the webinar for free and for kindly participating, they’d also get a $US 100 or 200 voucher to use to purchase any future Blackdragon product. They’d discuss what they do, how they deal with shit tests younger women often give online, how they successfully deal with all the other bullshit that comes with gaming younger women who as you know, can often be very irrational, plus what they do when they actually meet up in person with a younger woman for the first time.

    Of course they’d have to offer you proof in advance and you’d have to vet them and check them out, to see they’re not full of shit and/or are bullshitting you. If you deduce ‘gee it’s pretty obvious why this dude does so extremely well online – he’s an extremely good looking guy, in addition to being financially independent, so that might be a turn off to my male readership, for those guys in my readership who aren’t higher than a 7 out of 10 in good looks terms’.


  4. 3] Put a call out on both SMIC and also on here, saying in 6-12 months time, you want to do a paid webinar where you’d interview guys (who are happy to appear on video), who despite what you’ve said about over 33 women mostly all being a total nightmare to date and deal with, they’re consistently getting laid online with over 33, over 40 and/or over 50 women and that includes over 33 and over 40 women who are older than they are, if that’s the case. It doesn’t matter though, if the guys are in their 40s and 50s and are getting laid with women met online who are also in their 40s and 50s.  It wouldn’t be something you’d do on your YouTube.  In return, each guy would get the webinar for free and for kindly participating, they’d also get a $US 100 or 200 voucher to use to purchase any future Blackdragon product.  They’d discuss:


    a] how they successfully deal with over 33, over 40 and/or over 50 women with sky high ASD (for those women they meet online who have it).

    b] dealing with being shit tested by these type of women.

    c] what they say when a (over 33, over 40, or over 50) woman brings up that they’re older than the guy (if any women are) and the women try using that to disqualify a guy.

    d] how they avoid being strung along by over 33, over 40 and/or 50 women, which these women are extremely good at doing.

    e] how they avoid going on dinner dates – at least before they’ve had sex with such a woman at least 4 times, when it’d be fine to do.


    It can also apply to guys who don’t really like online game, as they feel it gives over 33, over 40 and/or over 50 women way too much power and they prefer meeting over 33, over 40 and/or over 50 women in the real world, whether it’s via cold approach gaming, or they’re just very outstanding at social circle game, so they’d discuss their tactics. Obviously all this would be much more difficult to do in the current Covid environment, but I mean pre Covid and for when things will hopefully go back to normal. Before selecting the guys, you’d carefully vet them to see that they’re not full of shit and they’ve also submitted pics to you and message exchanges, of the over 33, over 40 and/or over 50 women they’ve had and/or are currently having sex with.


  5. Women’s desire for sexual variety and how it is different to men’s desire for sexual variety

  6. 4] A Blackdragon product on how to permanently overcome PE, ED and ED from porn addiction, without using any pharma drugs or meds at all and how to be vastly better at sex, which you’ve so far covered mediocrely. I’d do the product in consultation with (either one of, or both of them appearing on it) Zander Holt in the US and an Aussie named guy Andrew Mioch who has a great product called Sexual Quantum Leap. Mioch currently lives in Bali.








  7. What’s the minimum size of a city needed in order to live the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle?

  8. There’s a US dating coach guy JMulv, who’s put out a Corona online dating product, so I don’t suggest Caleb do a product on it, but he can write a blog article on how to deal with women who are reluctant to meet up and/or are just using Corona as an excuse to justify that they’re a total time waster. If a woman is genuinely concerned about Corona, she’d not be on a dating site or app anyway.

    I wouldn’t suggest getting JMulv’s product, as I don’t have it myself and I have no interest to, but while I wouldn’t say he’s that good looking, he is 6 foot 4, which gives a guy a very helpful advantage. He says he’s fucked 1000 women without paying for it and he can offer proof.

  9. What topics should I discuss more?


    Anything related to women. Personally I am mostly interested about any updated information or detailed explanation about:

    Online dating

    First dates

    2nd dates and sex



    Your history with women (you could go in much much more anonymous details I would love to read that).


    I don’t do OLTRs and I don’t think I am interested in doing that ever but I would still be mighty interested in more updates about your experience with OLTR and OLTR mariage.


    Whenever possible guest posts or investigation posts about other open relationship styles than yours:






    men who also use prostitution in addition to non transactional relationships, this includes sugar babies/freelance type of prostitution and also non freelance type such as brothels, etc.. with details about costs, frequency, yearly budgets.



    Generally speaking when I think about this blog (I first read about it in 2016 and I pretty much read all blog posts), I find most of your best blog posts are in the past. Probably prior to 2018. A lot of the best gems are prior to 2015. Right now I think about the article on “perfect tens” which gives great information that I believe isn’t anywhere else, not even in your books (I read only Sex Fast, UODM, UORM). The Soft Next article. This article:



    I learnt a lot about female psychology from you, and I really like that you have positive attitude on women. How they communicate, how to not verbalize things, how they feel and think about sex and attention, how compliance to their demands actually ruins the attraction they feel for a man, etc… all those articles are gems, more is always welcome.

  10. Are there any topics I cover often that I shouldn’t cover or should cover less often? If not, great, skip this question. But if there are, what are they?


    Anything that isn’t directly related relationships with women or about dating women, or about reproduction and/or raising kids with women and/or interacting with women’s kids. Anything that isn’t about the women area of a man’s life.


    In the past 6 months or so I felt there was a lot of content about those stuffs. Personally I feel this has nothing to do here, I feel it should be somewhere else such as Caleb Jones blog and/or Alpha 2.0 website. This includes anything about politics, finances, work, business, 5 flags, etc… It’s okay if the article mentions those topics as an element that appears in an article about dating and relationships with women.


    For instance it’s interesting to have articles about how to deal with women financially, how to deal with women internationally, how to deal with women during a very strict lockdown (I mean Chinese type of strict lockdown, not the bullshit lockdown in the US or Europe where people could still date easily), etc… But articles about just how to have a business, how to live internationally, how to deal with one’s finances, the collapse of the western civilisation, your personal opinions about a virus or whatever thing that isn’t directly related to women, etc… doesn’t belong on this blog imho.


    I am for instance VERY interested in 3 flags, 5 flags, etc… but NOT here. On Caleb Jones blog, it’s perfect. Please talk about those topics more on those other sites. Especially your experience doing these stuffs.


    There was also too much promotional posts, but I can understand why that is.


    Anyways it’s all your stuff so you do whatever you please, but since you asked, you are served with my opinion.

  11. Is there something new or different I’m not offering right now that I should? If so, what?


    As you said, video content is kind of a new norm and you should offer that. When you announced that you were going to do youtube videos few years ago I was excited. However fast forward to now: I simply stopped watching your youtube videos. For me, they are really horrible in all possible ways.


    Let’s start with the technical aspects:

    They look ugly, they sound bad. The framing is very bad with your head right in the middle (you have never heard about the ⅓ -⅓ framing rule in photos and videos?) the colours and lighting look really bad and don’t match at all. Whatever message you have, it just doesn’t come across because what is on image looks too ugly (you are the only thing on the picture that is not ugly, you’re quite handsome actually by the way). Look at what other successful youtubers’s video image composition looks like (and by the way whatever camera and microphone you use seem perfectly fine, I am only talking about where you point the camera at, the colours and items of the background, where you position yourself in the frame). If you want to do videos inside then look at the shots where the youtuber is just talking to the camera such as Marques Brownlee (he often puts his brand in the background) or Unbox Therapy, Dave Lee (great simple background), James Tusk doesn’t seem like he’s making a huge effort in his sit down videos, even Alexandre Grace’s framing, lights and colours are much better than yours. Many other youtube videos… Nobody ever positions their head in the video frame at the place you position yours. Plus your background is fucking ugly looking and even distracting in your videos. Sometimes the focus is even on the background and not your face whereas your face should be at the foreground, clear and the background possibly a bit blurry (it’s called bokeh).


    This video is a tad bit better in term of the lighting and where your head is positioned however it would be better if it was positioned in the frame closer to where the dragon’s head is.


    The way I see it, the camera should be centered on the furniture with the books and on the TV displaying the Alpha logo. On the right side of the video should be the other TV screen/board where you show the diagrams and you should be standing on the left side of the TV that displays the logo, with your head inside the upper third or even ¼ of the picture depending how close you are. Then when you show something you can move forward to the board/TV with diagrams. And then quickly back to the left side. (But even having a TV/board there where you display a diagram is kinda awkward: should instead display the diagram in fullscreen in the video with voice over)

    And also the colours of the wall is just very bad in this video for video purposes. It probably looks great as a colour for your house, but for video purposes it’s freaking ugly.


    It’s hard to pinpoint what’s wrong with the audio and it’s not nearly as much of an issue. I mean your audio content in some of the free podcasts I listened to is very good and you sound great in them, but for some reason in your youtube videos the way you present things feels irritating to me. I kinda like that you’re being an asshole in your articles and on your podcasts but I don’t know why in the videos, maybe you cranked up the asshole vibe 10 times more, consciously or unconsciously, It just kinda feels like I am being insulted. Or maybe it’s just because the image composition is so ugly?


    Now let’s talk about the content of your videos:

    You’re doing videos but it doesn’t bring any additional value than a blog post or audio post. Not only do they look ugly but also there is actually 0 visual content in your videos, it’s useless. Would make more sense if you put some animated diagrams or whatever visual in motions that helps explaining something. Or interviewing women. Or re-enactments (first date sex talk re-enactment on video, showing examples of what is drama vs. what isn’t drama via re-enactment on video, and various example on how to do the Soft Nexts via re-enactment on video, or The Talk, or 2nd date, etc… etc…) those would actually bring additional value.



    Long story short: your videos, as of today, are really really shitty and there is a lot you can improve very easily visually. There is no actual video content in your videos, so it doesn’t justify the use of video vs. podcast or blog post text.

  12. 2. I would like you to discuss the subject of Superiority. Its something that “started” with David Deida and has been expanded upon in different areas of the Manosphere on the internet. Since you have named your SMIC with Superior as its first letter, you seem to be fine with using the word. I want to know why. Is it a word to be careful about integrating into your identity or is it a word you fully embrace and recommend others to do the same?

  13. Thank you all so far. I am making notes of all of your suggestions and tallying up the ones that other guys have said (most of the responses are coming in via email from my mailing list).

    @Lazy Blitz – While a few other people have given some of the same criticisms on my videos that you have, not one other person I’ve heard from hates my YT videos like you do and my videos almost always get a 93%+ like ratio, so you’re in a very tiny minority. I’m still going to improve the videos as time goes on since I agree many improvements need to be made, but I have a feeling you’ll still dislike them.

    What’s the minimum size of a city needed in order to live the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle?

    You can live an Alpha 2.0 lifestyle in any size city BUT if you live in a small town you need to be 100% cool with the reality that you’ll have to drive a few hours to the nearest large city on a regular basis to keep your rotation of women going. If you don’t want to do that, you need to be in  (or every near to) a city of at least 1 million people.

    Since you have named your SMIC with Superior as its first letter, you seem to be fine with using the word. I want to know why.

    Marketing reasons. That word tested the best, by far, in all the marketing tests I did. The word used to be Sovereign but I didn’t want to step on Simon Black’s toes, so I did some marketing testing and surveys on what other word starting with “S” would be good for the target audience. Men really liked Superior, so that’s what I chose.

    Is it a word to be careful about integrating into your identity or is it a word you fully embrace and recommend others to do the same?

    If you’re outcome dependent, yes, you should be extremely careful using that word in today’s politically correct era. If you’re outcome independent like me, use any words you want to describe yourself. I have no problem calling myself and other A2’s SUPERIOR since I fully believe that the A2 lifestyle is the number one lifestyle the modern man can live without having to be really rich.

  14. This would apply a lot more to younger guys, but how to tune out distractions via social media i.e “anger porn”, things like the latest rehash of Black Lives Matter, etc. and not let whatever’s going on in entertainment or the world at large get to you emotionally.

  15. 2. What topics should I discuss more?

    (on Calebjonesblog) The social and economic aspects about the collapse of Western civilization and preparing for it Alpha 2.0 style. More about your travels to other countries. Out of all the content you put out, this is the stuff I find most interesting.

    3. Are there any topics I cover often that I shouldn’t cover or should cover less often? If not, great, skip this question. But if there are, what are they?

    (on Calebjonesblog) Movies, food recipes, video game stuff. I have zero interest in these. To be fair they are quite rare posts, but I primarily read your content to optimize my understanding of the how the world works based on your experiences (and other sources that I regularly read from), form an action plan(s) cherry picking the techniques that I see working for me, and use that action plan(s) to exploit the world for my personal gain.

    5. What are your biggest fears about the future (if any)?

    Having to spend a bunch of money moving to another country, adapting to a new country/culture and possibly having to give up fucking American white women if the civil unrest currently going on in big cities begins to spread to the suburban areas (which I place the odds of happening low since suburbs aren’t as high tension areas as large cities) and I am forced to move out. Not so much a fear as it is an emotional headache. I have enough money saved up in gold to buy a plane ticket out and live for a few months in a third world country without any source of income (I live a low lifestyle) if the US dollar goes kaput. I’m trying to expand that safety net.

  16. What about something for late starters? Men in their forties and fifties who fucked it up and have a lot less time to achieve their goals? Special strategies and adaptations that these guys might need and so on.

  17. More information in more detail on getting women back who left you – more details about the right way to handle when she leaves or to recognize she has left (sometimes its not clear she just starts to talk to you less for a while…) and then how to exactly contact her again in the future
    More information on how to get from having a lot of matches on dating apps but poor response rates or even good response rates to actually having dates including a lot of examples or perhaps some kind of system to use that can be used to plug in different situations.
    Much more information on how to handle the first date including some example videos showing some ideal dates under your system with different guys and different women doing it correctly.
    How to handle women who change their mind radically.
    For business: how to find motivation to get the work done starting the business if you feel cluless or insecure about certain aspects of it or lack the right direction or perhaps more clear simple system to structure and start the business including finding leads

  18. How to get over guy Disney mentality! I still find myself regularly thinking about my childhood “love” even though she lives with a serious BF in Europe and I live in US and have many better options! Despite knowing my mind bullshit-ing me, I daydream regularly about us somehow miraculously being together and living happily ever after.

  19. 1. Where do you need the most help within your life right now, particularly during this time of crisis?

    One of my biggest challenges for 2020 seems to be staying focused on moving forward, especially on basically re-starting a 100% location-independent version the business I’ve been working on for over 10 years.

    I was planning to transition more to location independence, just over 12-36 months, not now-12 months.  It’s a great challenge but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming both from a time management/etc side and an emotional side.

    It seems that focusing on reworking the current business is the right move, but perhaps I’m misreading things and I need to pivot to something else and then revisit my existing business.

    I’m also trying to transition/pivot my lifestyle to a more AM2.0 in a lot of ways but was planning on about same timeframe, 1-5 years, not really needing to do anything much this year except lay the groundwork.

    2. What topics should I discuss more?

    I like all the topics discussed. I do like the Caleb Jones blog ideas discussed, but I think you mentioned you may be moving in a slightly different direction (somewhat) on YT.

    4. What areas could I address that would make the biggest positive impact on you?

    Not sure, but I know most of the AM2.0 ideas. At this point I just need to consistently work towards my main goals.

    5. What are your biggest fears about the future (if any)?

    Not my biggest fear, but I do want to make sure 2020-2021 I keep moving forward, all things considered.

    6. Is there something new or different I’m not offering right now that I should? If so, what? 

    Lots of great content and products. I dig SMIC, I’m planning on rejoining once I get my business back to a certain level.

    a. It’s hard to say, but for me I probably could use an accountability coach/system, AI and/or real person. I don’t know if this something you’d be interested in creating, but if a business could create a system that provides accountability for people in a bunch of different ways (low monthly charge), it might be a big win. I haven’t done the marketing research though.

    I’ve seen a few, but they didn’t seem very advanced.  (If anyone knows one, please let me know) My guess is that it would use some contractors to stay in touch with clients, but also a lot of computerized “business” logic to take care of a lot of the functionality.

    b. Also, would be interested to see some sort of chart/breakdown on how AM2.0 works for people based on their Myers-Briggs. I know you’ve discussed this before, but maybe more of a chart or something?

    c. Also, so much great content, I would use a curated organizational chart of all the articles a few times a month.

    d. Also, what’s AM2.1 or AM3.0 going to be like?

    I’m not sure how profitable these would be (except maybe the accountability coaching), but I would use them.

    Thanks and best wishes!


  20. Hi BD,

    I’d like you to cover the topic of logistics. Women tend to have suboptimal logistics: far away house, or flatmates or whatever other complicated BS for you are the man and if you want pussy it’s 100% on you to overcome obstacles. Owned it.

    The unchained man helped me a lot with the final piece of the puzzle I didnt figure out on my own about MLTRs, but I’m afraid there’s another one I didn’t consider about OLTRs.

    Now, I have experience in swinging and there the problem is solved but what if you’re in an OLTR marriage? Where do you physically seal the deal?

    I’m in Eastern Europe and most women consider hotels “for sluts” and have a 100% aversion to car sex. How do you manage that if you’re in an OLTR?

    Thanks a lot.

  21. I’m in Eastern Europe and most women consider hotels “for sluts” and have a 100% aversion to car sex. How do you manage that if you’re in an OLTR?

    your office / their house / outdoors sex / fuck in changing rooms in clothes store / toilets in cafes and bars

    all of those are perhaps not common but cliche in eastern europe

  22. Apart from “their place” I don’t see anything sustainable in the long run. Outdoors sex happened to me twice and that’s it. Girls living on their own are rarer but it’s feasible, only don’t see a long-term viable strategy based on that. I dont own an office.

  23. I’m in Eastern Europe and most women consider hotels “for sluts” and have a 100% aversion to car sex. How do you manage that if you’re in an OLTR?

    Get the Ultimate Open Marriage Manual when I re-release it later. I have entire chapters and numerous systems for that exact topic.

  24. Apart from “their place” I don’t see anything sustainable in the long run. Outdoors sex happened to me twice and that’s it. Girls living on their own are rarer but it’s feasible, only don’t see a long-term viable strategy based on that. I dont own an office.

    Their place is viable even if she doesnt live alone. How do you think students or teenagers do it? Its quite normal for young women. I assume if you have a living together oltr most of your fb will be young women anyway.

    If you have money to spend you can take them on trips then being in booked accommodation is natural but BD might say dont take FBs on trips. You can can greative with it so it doesmr feel like shes more than fb. If you go on a day trip you can bang in the train get a private compartment those are common in eastern europe.

  25. I’m guessing there’s not much of a demand for a oltr marriage update apparently.

    RP swinger, why don’t you get Airbnb; don’t they have those in EE?

  26. how to cope with addiction ie gambling…

    ive made some money via gambling during this pandemic but i also lose, so im kinda surplus a little bit

    im 27 now, quite okay with girls but i have been unemployed and used gambling as my source of income


  27. I’m still going to improve the videos as time goes on since I agree many improvements need to be made

    From your videos, it seems that you prefer to be taken from a top to down angle rather than a horizontal angle or down to top angle. If that’s actually the case, then here is an example of a better framing and background can achieve just by pointing the camera at the wall without anything anything and placing yourself correctly. This costs 0USD and less than 5 minutes to implement. There is zero reason why you could not do that in the next video you shoot.


    At the very least: put your head in the upper third part of the frame:


    Maybe also a little bit closer to the third on the right or left, giving space for overlayed info, or board or your brand.

    Please give me one rational argument why you would not do that in the next video you shoot.

  28. Also I disagree with Lazy Blitz re: your youtube videos and find the content good and the delivery simple.

  29. 1. Spending too much time/communicating too much with high end MLTR.  I never initiate first contact, it is ALWAYS her, but she contacts me every day and calls me pretty much every day.  It would be nice for some detail on how to back off her communication without causing drama.

    2. TRT.  I need to know more about it.  For instance in a rural area such as mine, all the doctors seem to think as long as you are in the “proper range” for T levels (I’m on the low end but within range) that nothing is needed and no treatment recommended.

    3. OLTR and OLTR Marriage.  In my opinion these are the weak-links/danger zones of Alpha 2 and I mostly avoid and don’t care for the idea of either.  In both relationship types, you must lose/give up freedom and I believe that in that process you also lose some of your Alpha-ness.

    4. More free information about Alpha 2 strategies for starting/running your own business.  So far anything truly useful in this area is mostly monetized by you, which I understand, but I honestly don’t even have a good grasp or general understanding even, of what your method and recommendations are for getting in to business for yourself.

    5. All of the governments collapsing and closing borders so we don’t have free global travel abilities.

    6. This isn’t necessarily for me, but every woman I’ve been with complains about the average or below-average quality of sex they deal with, regarding just about every other man but me.  Perhaps men who visit this blog also could use more tips on pleasuring women.  So maybe provide more information and easy ways to make women cum.  For me this is easy, but from what I hear from other women is that most men are very bad at this.  For me, just giving my women multiple orgasms every time I’m with them seems to be the main reason they stick around or come back.  Every damn woman I’ve been with just about, since being nonmono, has said I am the best they’ve ever had and I have the feeling some of them only return just for that experience.  All Alpha 2’s should try to make sure they give their women more orgasms than any other man has in a given setting.  I believe this alone, being left in her mind as the best sex she’s ever had, will always keep her returning, even after long LSNFTE‘s.

  30. Also I disagree with Lazy Blitz

    Yeah Lazy Blitz’s heated comments about lighting and eyelines sound like a guy living on another planet. I see what BD means when he complains about nitpickers. That’s why I’ll never have a blog. I don’t have the patience for people like that.

    @BD PLEASE talk more about five flags from the standpoint of men who ARE NOT  six figure earners. I know you say that the “complete” FF plan is for high earners but there are lots of men who make typical incomes who could benefit as well.

  31. How to be dominant with women in an Alpha 2.0 way, while out on in public with your OLTR and inside the bedroom during sex.
    How to prevent betaization on a macro and micro level during a relationship and how to maintain your Alpha 2.0-ness when with an extremely hot woman, during dating and during a relationship.
    More actionable content about an Alpha 2.0 consultant business, not just what it is, but how to do it.

  32. What are your biggest fears about the future (if any)?

    More and more dating websites are allowing women to screen out “undesirable” men.  So that average guys don’t even get a chance to make a pitch to a woman.  This especially hurts guys like me that relied on writing entertaining and unique messages to get in the door.

    Examples of this include:

    o POF  strictly blocking messages based on age.  So if older guys can’t even write the most desirable women.

    o Okcupid blocking messages from men unless the female pre-qualifies the man by swiping right.

    o Tinder/bumble not allowing men to message women unless they’re pre-qualified.

    o Fetlife installing filtering options on their platform which allows women to block messages from men they’re not already friends with.   This is especially significant since fetlife already intentionally makes it difficult to write women by: not filtering searches by age or sex; idling an account if they send out too many messages; and automatically banning accounts that use 3rd party scripts to search by age/sex/location.

  33. I would love to see vlogs or day in the life videos. Also, videos on your workflow and how you work and get things done in action!

  34. 1. Most help

    How to maximize the odds for longer FB / MLTR relationships and reliable returns / roster management. You already cover that in your books and blogs but more tips, examples and details would be helpful. Of course women will not stay forever. Right now though, it is especially useful to keep a healthy rotation and avoid unnecessary pickup effort.
    Examples could be: Can too much distance become a problem, e.g. seeing an MLTR only two evenings per month? Can you wait too long before attempting a return, e.g. not testing her for two or three years?

    2. Topics to discuss more

    More sexual tips, especially for (inexperienced) women who do not orgasm or are pretty quiet during sex. Apart from making her feel as good as possible, what steps can you take in order to ‘get her there’? What else can you try if fingers, tongue and different vibrators did not get her off after trying multiple times?
    Strategies for STD handling in terms of the female side. Examples would be: How do you handle a woman that is informing you about a positive STD test? Of course, you should get tested then. But how do you handle other woman that you are seeing? When and how do you tell them (if needed)? How to you avoid damaging your other relationships, especially if you did not have ‘the Talk’ yet?
    Additional advice about efficient online dating. Your techniques about openers and scheduling are great. However, I find that it takes a lot of time to answer all active prospects in a solid, engaging way without it looking boring or too generic (i.e. too much copy and paste).
    More tips about efficient usage of dating apps. Your advice for classic dating sites is great, but it lacks efficient strategies for swipe apps. Tons of swipes do not seem like a good alternative to opener blitzes.

    3. None

    4. Areas to address

    Hints about detecting time wasters on dates. I know you are not a fan of screening. Nevertheless, I found myself in several situations on a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th date where I was just wasting my time. Afterwards I often asked myself if I could have known it before. Examples would be: Women who meet up with you but refuse to give you their number (dating app contact only), Women who take multiple days to respond when you pitch a 2nd date but then agree with an excuse that they were very busy, Women who agree to come over to your place for a date but avoid physical contact (they do not refuse touching and kissing but they do not participate in any way, i.e. keeping distance, making it hard for you, avoiding escalation).

    5. Biggest fears

    Not being able to sustain the non-monogamous lifestyle due to either women leaving too fast or needing too much time and effort to bring in new women.

    6. None

  35. Xilong, I’m not sure if BD checked out of this thread, but a lot of your post seems like your trying too hard to keep women that don’t want to be on your team.

    I appreciate that you don’t want to put in extra work on new women, but that’s just part of the game. A lot of the time you just have to move on when you’re doing everything you can but not getting the desired results.

    One of the harsh realities of women is that they have different needs than you. What you view as wasting time, she views as a positive due receiving you time and attention.

    You just need to have the discipline to cut your losses. That’s part of why BD’s system is so successful, because by going for sex fast, you automatically weed out the time wasters. Women will lead you on forever if you let them.

    Most men invest too much into women. That’s why guys new to this material will always make it about this one girl instead of moving on right away. You have to value your time, instead getting caught up in trying to salvage your investment.

    As far as women that can’t come, there’s really no solution. Some women are maximizers in this aspect as well.

    I had this girl I was seeing, try to have me down there forever. Turns out she got off on  having me down there, and was somehow preventing herself from having an orgasm.

    Not saying that was the case with your girl, but just be aware people in general are selfish  and seek out what is in their best interest.



  36. A new interview with Pink Firefly, specifically how she’s enjoying her OLTR marriage, I think would be great. Specifically how she feels about her marriage compared to how she sees her friends’ in marriages in TMM; which could give interesting perspective from her view.

  37. @Duke Thanks, I appreciate your input. Cutting losses is important, for sure. After having a few enthusiastic women, detecting the ones that are not interested (physically), becomes easier. I just wonder if there are more tips to keep the good ones around for longer (though not forever) and detect the friend zoners right on the 1st date.

    Your story about women preventing themselves from orgasm for selfish reasons is very interesting. According to BD, the reason for not coming is typically mental, assuming you provide enough clitoral stimulation for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, after trying various stimulation types and intensities it is probably due to mental barriers (false SP beliefs, inhibitions, inexperience, etc.).

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