…but there’s still time to get your ticket. How to Have a Successful First Date starts today at 1:30 p.m. PST. 

During this seminar I will go through the ENTIRE process, step-by-step, on exactly how to have a first date that has the highest odds getting you to sex within 3-4 hours of face time with $27 or less spent grand total.

This is the most detailed I have ever been regarding the process of the first date, even more so than in my books. This is because I’ll have an entire hour (plus Q&A) to go through every possible detail of what you need to do and what you need to avoid. Preparing for the date, exactly what to do on the date, what to talk about, what not to do, how to end it, and so on.

You can participate in the entire livestream with me, plus the unlimited Q&A, plus get the downloadable copy of the entire thing. If you are still in quarantine you can still get your questions answered and your copy of the seminar so you’re ready to go when you can get back out there again. Anyone in the SMIC Program gets their 25% discount as always (it’s at the member’s site now).

Just a few hours left. Click here to register your spot.

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