More Q&A for The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual

Here are a few answers to some questions we’ve been getting. Click here to get The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual or Video Course before Monday night when I shut off the shopping cart.

Do these open marriage techniques apply to countries outside of the English-speaking world?

As always, my answer is “it depends on the region.” Will this stuff work in the Muslim world? Probably not. Non-English Europe? Yes. Asia? Some parts yes, other parts with difficulty. South America? Yes. Africa? Yes, depending on the region. More traditional countries like India and Taiwan? Yes, but with more difficulty (yes, I have Alpha 2.0 readers in India, Taiwan, and similar countries making this stuff work right now).

I have men all over the non-English-speaking world using these techniques or techniques that are very similar. In most places they work. In other places they work partially but you have to modify a few things.

Obviously, these systems work 100% in the English-speaking world.

I’ve already been married and monogamous for X years. Will this work for me?

If you have been a good husband/father and you follow the conversion systems I talk about in the book and course correctly and to the letter (and a lot of men don’t, they puss out and do it wrong), your odds of converting your monogamous marriage or live-in relationship are at least 70%, sometimes as high as 90%. I’ve seen many more men succeed with these models than fail.

So yes.

Will the techniques in this manual/course apply to me if I have an OLTR or girlfriend who I don’t live with? 

No but if you get the audiobook option or the video course you’ll get The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual (book and audiobook and all other materials) on top of the marriage manual as a free bonus if you order before Monday night, and that book does apply to you. If you’re thinking about moving in with her (or someone else) in the next 12-24 months you might as well get the marriage manual/course now while it’s cheap, so you’ll be ready for this when it happens.

Click here to get The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual or Video Course before Monday night at 8 p.m. EST when I shut off the shopping cart.

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