3 Comments on “How To Succeed During Coronavirus – Video Lesson 3

  1. I can see how increasing activity on business is beneficial however I don’t see how it can help with women during a real lockdown: it seems like a complete waste of time to me as they are just bored at home looking for pen pals to get free attention and as soon as they will be allowed out of their house after the lockdown is over they will never come fuck anyways.

    This is the complete opposite of alpha male 2.0 fast online to sex method. I don’t wanna do that unless you can explain how this can be really beneficial.

    My city was in partial lockdown for about 2 weeks but now it’s full lockdown, women going out of their house to fuck a stranger is just extremely unlikely now, I don’t know from official soure if it’s completely illegal but that’s what most are telling me. I’d be lucky if even 1 of the 5 MLTRs and couple of irregular FBs, that I used to see before the lockdown, continues to come visit me.

    What’s your status BD, are you still able to fuck FBs today?

  2. Haha that’s funny I had almost the opposite of your rotation Blitz, a couple of MLTR‘s – one low priority, one high – and four FB‘s. Since then I’ve had to try very hard at convincing the more valuable of the women to stay on board with me (have regular sex) because of their irrational Coronad fears. Not sure how it worked, but basically I just told them each that having sex boosts one’s immune system. That was the rhetorical core of my argument and it managed to persuade two of the FB‘s and the high-end MLTR. The others were not worth the effort at this time. Good luck.

  3. That’s hilarious, the first thing I did was to swipe like a mofo during this stay-at-home thing and the way you said that really made my day.

    Also I definitely train more than before, every day, it’s pretty damn good to be quarantined.

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