Go here. We’ve just opened the shopping cart so it’s now ready for you to get it. If you encounter problems or questions email my staff at theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com and we’ll get to you as fast as we can (but please be patient, we will be swamped for a while). I will be standing by over the next few hours as well to make sure things go smoothly.

Remember that on Sunday night the 3-payment option goes away and on the 16th all the bonuses and add-ons go away and the price goes up. Now’s the time. Go here to get it.


2 Comments on “Alpha 2.0 Business Course Now Available For Purchase

  1. Hey Caleb, Joined SMIC on Saturday. I never got the info to join the forum. I have tried Email and a ticket within SMIC with no response…so I am trying here. I would rather not do the refund thing, but am not seeing a choice at this point. A response from somebody would be great. Thanks.

  2. Jason please email theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com today and I’ll intercept the email myself and take care of it. Also PLEASE check your spam folders, Social tab, and Promotions tab since often responses from my staff get caught in those.

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