In a few hours at 4pm EST the Alpha 2.0 Business Course goes on sale, seven hours of specific how-to video on how to start (or improve) your own high-income, low-work, location-independent business. If you get it during its initial 12-day launch period before March 16th, you’ll get a big discount plus five free bonuses (that include two hours of extra video and 90 minutes of audio) plus (for an extra fee) the optional add-on course called Getting Your Alpha 2.0 Business Started Right which is an additional four hours of video and six hours of audio on how to get your business started. Detailed descriptions of all of these things are here.

After the 16th the price goes up, the bonuses go away, and the add-on course goes away, so you should probably get it today at 4pm EST and not wait.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the pricing options and possible installment plans. Since so many of you have requested it, I’ve decided to include a 3-payment plan with one payment up front and two more payments 30 days apart. HOWEVER! This 3-payment option goes away this Sunday night at 10pm PST, so if you want that option you MUST order it now, or at least by this weekend.

To make this easy for you, at 4pm EST today here are your options with the exact prices:

Option 1: Get the main course now, during the launch period, before March 16th, with one payment: $1197 (tax deductible). This is the cheapest way to get it.

Option 2: Get the main course now, before Sunday night, with three payments of $497 (tax deductible). You will not get access to any course materials until you make all three payments.

Option 3: Get the main course and the add-on course before March 16th with one payment: The main course is $1197 + the add-on course is an additional $897 (all tax deductible). The add-on course goes away after the 16th.

Option 4: Get the main course and the add-on course using multiple payments before this Sunday night: three payments of $497 plus an optional final fourth payment of $897 for the add-on course (all tax deductible).

Option 5: Miss out on all this stuff, be a slowpoke, and wait until after the 16th and just get the main course at a more expensive price with no bonuses, no add-on course, and no installment plan: $1397.

Go here for a detailed description of all the videos and audios and to get the course. We open up the shopping cart in a few hours.

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