If you weren’t already aware, I am now posting daily video content and regular podcast content on all major social media platforms. A while back, I set up a raffle where if you subscribed to my podcast and left a review I would enter your name into a pot and pay a cash prize to the two winners.

I have done so. I paid the first prize winner $100 and the second prize winner $50. Here are the PayPal screenshots:

(They were both outside of the US so I paid them in their currency equivalents.)

Now I’m doing the same thing for my YouTube channel. I regularly upload videos at my new YouTube channel 2-3 times per week, every week.

So, to enter to win free money, all you need to do is…

1) Go to my YouTube channel, subscribe and hit the notification bell.

2) Like and comment on THIS video of mine.

That’s it!

It’s important you turn on notifications because winners will be announced in an upcoming YouTube video.

So if you want free money…

Go to my YouTube channel right here and follow those 2 simple, quick and easy steps.

Have fun and enjoy the free content!

7 Comments on “My YouTube Channel

  1. I’ve been subscribed to that channel. Plus your other one (where you only posted your podcasts) as soon as you announced it in the comments long ago.
    Unfortunately, my country is under sanctions. Can you send cryptocurrencies?

    Though, I’m happy to help regardless. I think you’re doing awesome work 😉

  2. you didn’t announce any winners though in the most recent video

    The winners haven’t been selected yet. They will soon, probably next week.

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