Pictures of women in your online dating profile

I’ve received this same question from several guys lately…

I have pictures of hot girls in some of my photos on my profile. ¬†Several women online are¬†complaining that I shouldn’t have these on a dating site. ¬†Is it a good idea to have these or not?

Before I answer that, you need to consider the greater question:

Are you getting dates?

If you’re getting dates, and a few women are bitching about how you¬†shouldn’t¬†have pretty girls in your photos, who cares? ¬†That’s their¬†problem. ¬†Delete their emails and enjoy getting laid on your dates. ¬†Always remember the 5% Hater Rule. ¬†Whenever you put up anything on the internet, 5% of people reading it are going to instantly hate it and hate you. ¬†It’s normal and to be expected, and it’s really not ¬†problem.

This is an important point. ¬†You should never stress out about the 5% bad if you’re getting 50%, 60% or 90% good.

For example, when I email VYW, some of them are type 1’s, and occasionally…not often but¬†occasionally…I’ll get an angry response like “Dude I’m 19 WTF??? You’re disgusting!” ¬†The funny part is, that exact same day, I’ll get a response from another 19 year-old, often better-looking, who is very¬†enthusiastic about me and shortly afterwards her and I will be having sex. ¬†Now think about this: ¬†While I’m getting laid, do you really think I’m thinking at all about the that one girl who thought I was disgusting?

In¬†situations¬†like these, always consider results first, bitching second, especially when dealing with females or complete strangers on the internet. ¬†(With online dating, you’re dealing with both.)

To answer the general question of if it’s okay to have pictures of you with hot chicks on your¬†profile, the answer is: If it’s congruent to who you are, do it. ¬†If it’s not, don’t.

I personally have never had pictures with me and chicks on my online dating profiles, but that’s only because it would be somewhat incongruent with who I am. ¬†Not only would it damage my response rates, but it would also cause me to spend several dates with each woman re-orienting my¬†congruence¬†and my frame and thus damage my lay ratios as well.

All bad. ¬†But that’s me. ¬†I’m a 39 year-old, INTJ,¬†masculine,¬†somewhat chubby, results¬†oriented¬†businessman. ¬†If for example you are a good-looking 24 year-old who loves to hit the bars and clubs and parties, having¬†pictures¬†of hot chicks on your profile would be completely congruent with who you are and would likely help your¬†response¬†rates, first-date rates, and lay ratios. ¬†Therefore, you should do it. ¬†The same would go for you if you were a guy my age but a hardcore Harley¬†Davidson type dude.

A few years back when I was laying women I met on MySpace, I read about some techniques used by two guys named Race and Kelly. ¬†They’re not really active any more, but one of their¬†techniques¬†for sarging women on MySpace was to load up your profile with piles of pictures of you and hot chicks (and also your guy buddies having fun). ¬†That¬†technique¬†worked, but only for guys who were younger party dudes. ¬†If you’re a more calm, cerebral guy, or if you’re 45 years old, it’s probably not a good idea.

One more third-party¬†technique¬†I can share. ¬†Full credit for this goes to Pureevil from the forums a few years back. You can experiment with having a picture of you with a very hot chick, crop the chick out, but leave just a little less than half her face in the picture…just enough to tell she’s hot. ¬†It’s much more¬†subtle¬†than having tons of hot chicks on your profile. ¬†Again, it’s not something I could do, but it’s¬†definitely¬†something you should experiment with.

Lastly, make sure you test this stuff. ¬†Experiment. ¬†Change one or two items on your profile, email a bunch of women, and see how you do. ¬†Then change something else, and try again. ¬†Never leave your profile static for long¬†stretches¬†of time unless you’re¬†literally¬†getting laid as much as you want. ¬†I get laid plenty online, but I still test things constantly on my profiles and you should too.

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5 Comments on “Pictures of Other Women In Your Online Dating Profile

  1. Got a question about my profile pictures.

    Say I have 4 pictures total, is it ok for one of those to be an action shot (surfing) where my face isn’t clearly visible?

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