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This is one of those times where I port a proven principle from the success and business word over to the seduction world. ¬†What I’m about to show you is one of the core¬†techniques¬†I used to go from living alone with zero money at age 18 to making a six figure income by my mid-twenties. ¬†I’ve used it many times since then, including how to master online game after my divorce a few years back.

It applies to any area of success in life; today we’ll apply it to seduction. ¬†If you really get what I’m about to show you, it will radically change your game in ways that may surprise you.

The¬†principle is called Critical Success Factors. ¬†In any area of life, there are¬†always¬†five to seven seven Critical Success Factors that determine how successful you will be in that area. ¬†This applies to anything: starting a business, getting a college degree, getting down to 7% body fat, winning an Olympic gold medal, training your dog, and yes, even becoming a player who gets consistent results in the area of women. ¬†In all those areas, if you break everything down needed to be successful, you will always come up with, five to seven areas where you need to be good, or at least “not bad”.

The technique is to:

1. Map out those five to seven areas and determine specifically what they are.

2. Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 in each of those areas. ¬†You’ll find you’re fantastic in some areas, decent in others, and pretty horrible in a few (hopefully just a few).

3. Find which area you are the worst at, and focus all of your efforts on getting good at THAT.

The magic is in step three, but the first two steps are required to get to step three. ¬†Your entire level of success is¬†dependent¬†on the Critical Success Factor in where you are the worst. ¬†People often don’t realize that your¬†measure¬†of success is not about what you’re good at, it’s usually what you’re bad at.

In terms of¬†seduction, the six Critical Success Factors are (in no¬†particular¬†order since they’re all important):

  • Confidence
  • Outcome¬†Independence (and being non-needy)
  • Opening (or more¬†specifically, the ability to¬†consistently¬†create new female “prospects” whenever desired via daygame, club game, online game, or whatever)
  • Physical Appearance
  • Sexual Escalation
  • Logistics¬†Management

That’s it. ¬†If you’re good at those six areas, you can lay hot chicks whenever you like. ¬†If you’re good at some of those areas, you’ll get laid¬†occasionally¬†and sporadically with a lot of trouble. ¬†If you’re bad at most of those areas, you’re an AFC who will usually never get laid unless it’s to a bitchy dramatic girlfriend or wife who owns your balls¬†because¬†you had to promise her monogamy in order to get sex from her.

You need to evaluate yourself. ¬†Take those six areas above and put a number from one to ten by each. ¬†BE HONEST. BE CRITICAL. ¬†BE BRUTAL. DO NOT BE NICE TO YOURSELF, or this¬†exercise¬†won’t work. ¬†Once done, you’ll see very clearly there will be one or more areas where you really suck.

Guess what? ¬†THOSE are the areas you focus on and use 100% of your¬†energies¬†to improve in. ¬†Those areas where you are already good you really don’t need to worry about. ¬†I’ve seen a lot of guys “ride” on the areas where they’re good but never improve the areas where they suck. ¬†It’s those areas where you’re not good, those are your sticking points….and you may have more than one.

I’m going to use myself as an example. ¬†Here’s how I rated almost five years ago, right after my divorce as I re-entered¬†the¬†dating¬†world as a guy who was¬†reasonably¬†confident yet way out of practice when it came to women:

  • Confidence – 9.5
  • Outcome¬†Independence – 8.5
  • Opening – 6.5 (mostly older women via online game)
  • Physical Appearance – 5
  • Sexual Escalation – 6
  • Logistics¬†Management – 4

With those ratings above, I did get laid. ¬†But it was difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and I had a lot of false starts. I was pulling ass, but I was working way too hard. ¬†That’s why I¬†sought¬†out the seduction community in the first place.

Years later, here’s how I rate today:

  • Confidence – 10
  • Outcome¬†Independence – 10
  • Opening – 10
  • Physical Appearance – 6.5 (and I can push this to 7.5 if I have to)
  • Sexual Escalation – 9
  • Logistics¬†Management – 9

Now, I can get laid whenever I want,¬†quickly¬†and easily. ¬†Like David DeAngelo used to say, I’ve got that area of my life “handled”. ¬†My lowest area is my¬†appearance, but it’s not low enough to really sabotage me in any¬†significant¬†way, though technically I am losing some lays because of it, just like I talk about in the¬†seduction point system. ¬†And as many of you already know, I’m still working on it. ¬†It will probably be a while before I can look in the mirror and proudly say I look like an 7 without trying or an 8 if I try, but I’ll get there. ¬†(Frankly, I’m really not doing it to get laid more, I get laid plenty already; it’s more for health and¬†longevity¬†reasons.)

Anyway, once I get to the point where I can push my Physical Appearance to an 8 if I have to, I’m done. ¬†No guy ever lost a lay because he was an 8 in looks…but he did lose lays because of other Critical Success Factors that were well below an 8. ¬†I am amazed at the number of guys I’ve worked with in my seduction¬†business¬†who are way better looking than me BY FAR yet still have a lot of trouble getting laid. ¬†It’s always because one or more of the other Critical Success Factors they have are at 4 or 5 (or lower).

I’m speaking here about seduction in general. ¬†Every type of game has an¬†additional¬†set of five to seven¬†Critical¬†Success Factors that apply directly to that type of game. ¬†There are five to seven Factors for picking up chicks at clubs. ¬†Five to seven for daygame. ¬†Five to seven for online game. ¬†And street game, social circle game, college game, and so on.

So if, for example, you’re a club game guy, you could (and should) come up with the five to seven Critical Success Factors¬†specifically¬†for club game. ¬†No matter what the area, you’ll always find five to seven things you need to be good at. ¬†Five to seven. ¬†It’s the damnest thing. ¬†Apply this to any area of life and you’ll see. ¬†It’s pretty cool.

I’ll do one more Critical Success Factor list, this one¬†specifically¬†for online dating (again, in no particular order, since all these things are important):

  • Cool Photos
  • Cool Profile
  • Sending Lots Of Openers (and having enough women in your city to do so)
  • Avoiding Women’s “Talk Forever Online” Frame
  • Asking For the Date
  • Scheduling¬†the Date and Handling Scheduling Challenges and Logistics
  • Follow-Up Prior To Date / Comfort Bombardment

Get at least reasonably good at those seven things, you’ll have all the first dates you could ever want, whenever you want. ¬†If not, you’ll struggle. ¬†If online game is your main weapon of choice (as it is mine), rate yourself on all seven of those areas to see which areas you need work in.

Remember those things are above are in addition to the six core items in general seduction I listed above. ¬†Great online dating skill won’t do shit for you if you don’t know how to escalate to sex with a woman in real life. ¬†All I’ve done for the online dating Critical Success Factors is narrowed my focus to one type of game, rather than “game” in general.

You get my point. ¬†Regardless of the style of seduction you focus on, sit down sometime and really do this. ¬†You can also apply this¬†technique¬†to any area of life you’re working on, from writing a book to getting your black belt. ¬†Do it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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7 Comments on “Key Success Factors

  1. Excellent post!

    Can you clarify what you mean by “logistics management,” as it applies to seduction?


  2. You’re with a girl at a mall. She’s down to fuck you right now. Problem is, you live an hour away, she has her parents at her house, and her best friend is waiting for her right around the corner. How then do you fuck her? That’s logistics management.

    Managing logistics for a lay is mostly about being very prepared for all possibilities before you ever leave the house and being good at handling odd logistical situations when they arise.

  3. awesome post. It looks kind of obvious after you read it, but should bring great results after applied.

  4. Good post. It got me thinking, what would be the Critical Success Factors for getting down to a 10% body fat?

    1. Knowledge / Theory
    2. Ability to cook healthy/quick/easy meals
    3. Doing enough cardio
    4. A proper resistance training program, access to gym
    5. ?

  5. David,

    I’d say getting down to 10% body fat requires a lot work related to mindset.

    It took me 7 years to finally get a 6-pack after a lot of failures, stagnancy, adjustments, etc.

    I’ve bulked 35 lbs when I was underweight and cut 40 lbs when I was overweight.

    Creative visualization exercises helped me greatly.

    I’ve been meaning to write on article titled, “How to get a 6-pack” but I have more important articles to write at the moment, lol.

  6. Great article BD…I have implemented these steps to a few areas in life and the results are amazing!!!

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