Jamie Lynn Spears with baby

Jamie Lynn Spears, mother by 16. Hell, why not?

I’m going to show you one of the biggest reasons why teenagers and other young people with no maturity and no money get married or have babies. 聽I see it on my Facebook all the time. 聽I’m about to show you a specific example that demonstrates this well.

For those of you old enough, think back to the 1950s, 60s, even 70s or 80s. 聽What happened when a teenage girl got pregnant back then? 聽What happened to her social life? 聽Her family life? 聽Her school life? 聽Were people supportive of her decision?

I went to high school during the late 80s. 聽Not that long ago. 聽There were about 1200 students in my high school. 聽I remember a grand total of three girls who actually got pregnant, did not get an abortion, and had a baby. 聽In all three cases, the girl was聽immediately聽considered a slut and a whore and too gross to even hang out with by boys and girls alike. 聽In all three cases, the girls suddenly vanished out of the school, never to be seen by the students again.

That’s why only three teenage girls out of 1200 had babies.

My memory is that there were a grand total of two girls during my four years in high school who actually got married by age 19. 聽In both cases, everyone聽ridiculed聽these girls as being stupid. 聽Kids made fun of them merciliessly.

That’s why only two teenage girls out of 1200 got married.

Last year I was out with a 19 year-old girl. 聽She was a normal girl from a typical, middle-class, white, suburban area. She said of the seven close girlfriends she had, five of them already have babies. 聽This is the norm now. 聽Let me show you why.

I’m going to paste a real group of comments from someone’s Facebook page below. 聽Let me give you some聽background聽to put what you’re about to read in perspective. 聽This certain someone is an 18 year old girl who was a virgin two months ago. 聽I’ll call her Suzi. 聽She now is dating a guy (who I think is 20 years old). 聽A聽musician. Which is another word for “no money”. 聽Her聽relationship聽with this new guy is less than one month old.

This morning she changed her FB status from “In a relationship” with him to “Engaged”.

These are the real responses she has received so far in less than 11 hours. 聽I have not changed anything except for removing the names and聽irrelevant聽posts.

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person1 omg i love you both congrats hahah
11 hours ago 路 Like

Suzi Hahaha we love you too! Thanks 馃檪
10 hours ago 路 Like

person2 omg!!!!!! yay
10 hours ago 路 Like 路 1 person

Suzi Haha, thanks person2 馃檪
10 hours ago 路 Like

person3 daaaaaang! congrats! haha
10 hours ago 路 Like

Suzi Lol Thank you person3… Crazyyyy huh? Haha
10 hours ago 路 Like

person3 to say the least. but im happy that your happy. 馃檪
10 hours ago 路 Like

Suzi Thank you very much 馃檪 We need to hang out soon. I want to see you before you leave!

person4 WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT鈥 馃槷 omg. Forrealllll? lol Congrats
10 hours ago 路 Like

Suzi Yes, yes. hahaha. Thanks 馃檪
10 hours ago 路 Like

person5 How excitingggg ! Awh, i miss you!
10 hours ago 路 Like

person6 For sureeeee! I’m excited. 馃檪 Be ready to have some fun, girrrrrrl.
10 hours ago 路 Like 路 1 person

person7 Ahhh yeahhh (: Hurry hurry! haha
10 hours ago 路 Like 路 1 person

person8 What????????????
5 hours ago 路 Like

person9 You are one crazy chickadee! Mucho felicidades, chica!
5 hours ago 路 Like

person10 Congratulations!
2 hours ago 路 Like

And this, my friends, is why teenage girls do such stupid things. 聽When they announce they’re getting married or they’re going to have a baby, they are showered with positive attention by everyone they know. 聽This includes their parents, by the way, who will support the happy new “couple” financially (was well as any children that result). 聽You can see how Suzi is drinking up all this positive attention and loving every minute of it.

(You’re probably thinking that she may not even end up married. 聽Possible, but that’s not the point. 聽It’s also possible the only reason for the engagement is that Suzi is聽pregnant, which makes all of this even worse.)

I see this stuff on Facebook and in real life all the time. 聽I’m sure you do too.

Rewarding bad behavoir creates more of it. 聽If everyone celebrates stupid irresponsible聽behavior, that’s what society is going to get more of. 聽Sadly society has聽sacrificed聽this concept on the altar of “being nice”.

The real聽tragedy聽here is five to ten years down the road, when Suzi is a bitter, jaded, near-poverty single mother, she’s going to blame her situation on “men”.

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10 Comments on “Teenage Pregnancy

  1. LOL I wonder how many of those people say those positive things on Facebook but outside of Facebook they’re talking behind her back.

    This is one of the problems with social media and the ways it’s affecting cultures is a concern.

    Facebook posts/updates are merely projections of one’s ego.

    When a person changes their relationship status to “engaged” (or uploads a photo that shows off their body), they receive comments / “Likes” and associate that with pleasure (positive reinforcement).

    As a result they continue the pattern. Humans are silly reactive beings.

  2. Had another comment pop up on my Facebook feed this morning from a different girl.

    “Some people have told me that they miss the old me, before I was a mom…. and I say FUCK you. THIS is me now. I don’t give a fuck how young I am, how much sleep I lose, or what opportunities I may have lost by having a baby at 17. I never want to wake up without seeing her face, and I would give my life to protect her. If you can’t accept the fact that I breathe for my baby then y’all can fucking forget about ever being affiliated with me. I don’t respect you anyways.”

    So it looks like some girls eventually get some minor negative feedback. Not that it accomplishes much, as you can see above.

    (And of course, that statement above was followed by many positive “You tell ’em girl!” comments, from both men and women.)

  3. She’ll also get a massively positive response when she announces her divorce on Facebook. (judging by the 50 Likes and 27 positive comments one of my friends received after she posted “Free at last!” earlier this year)

  4. The % of US school-age girls having babies has dropped dramatically over the years…they have less babies now than ever, and DRAMATICALLY less than in the 1st half of the 20th Century, and in earlier centuries and millenia.

  5. It’s dropped a little as compared to just a few years ago, but it’s still higher than it was 20-30-40 years ago.

    And earlier centuries is not a valid comparison, because back then those teenage girls where married and in stable households. I’m talking about modern-day teenage girls (unmarried, no job, still living with parents, etc).

  6. It’s an interesting perspective, and likely quite true. Of course these young men and women girls are going to be socially supportive. But ask them to assist her, to be a real friend because she needs hellp, then they will be gone. Real friends support each other beyond “you go girl”.

    I think that real maturity for most is once they move out and live on their own for about 5 years and learn to get a stable job, that pays well enough, to stay in one spot so that rent doesn’t increase with every move.

    Our current life style doesn’t allow for kids to mature and takes far too long to educate them. We have our kids babysat by the modern education system, when what it teaches them by 12th grade could actually be taught in two to five years, if done properly. North American education technique established by authority is beyond atrocious.

    But I’m betting that will change in about 20 – 30 years.

  7. This is FB disease. 聽It is turning men into women faster than women are turning men into women. 聽You have to be positive about EVERYTHING. 聽If you are not positive, you are negative, and will lose standing, and possibly be unfriended or blocked. 聽You cannot have an opinion. 聽We know girls do this a lot. 聽Now boys and men who grew up with FB do the same. 聽Respect the Hive mind, or suffer the consequences. 聽Some of those well wishers think she is screwed. 聽They just can’t SAY it on social media. 聽Insanity. 聽Gamma Ray Burst, wipe out all electronics and save us all.

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