These two folks talk about everything I’ve been talking about about for years.  Monogamy doesn’t work, and there are way more open relationships and open marriages out there than you think.  Those who have them don’t normally advertise it, so likely you don’t know about it.

What struck me in this video is how painful it is for people to admit this.  Look at how hard this news is for these two people to talk about.  You can see the pain and hesitation in both their eyes.  They clearly see the facts in front of them, and they hate it.

The woman’s reaction is a very common one I hear of “Yeah, it probably won’t work, but I’ll probably do it anyway.”  This is the most common reaction from women and younger men.  Women’s default stance regarding this is “I want to do what feels good to me right now (promise and expect monogamy) and if down the road it doesn’t work, eh, we’ll deal with it then.  Who cares what happens years and years down the road?  How I feel TODAY is what matters.”

The man’s argument is another common one.  “Arrr!  I would NEVER let my woman fuck another man!  Grrrr!”  A very typical man-reaction.  As I’ve said many times, it is men who have more of a problem with open relationships than women, since generally men are more jealous, needy, and territorial than women.  Which is GREAT NEWS for you as a man…if you can just get over your obsolete, caveman-level feelings of territorialness and jealousy, the world can be your oyster.

You’ll have multiple women lining up at your door for the rest of your life.  Ask me how I know. 😀

Regardless, this is all good news.  People are finally, though slowly and painfully, beginning to acknowledge the reality that has been staring them in the face for decades.  Long-term monogamy does not work, and there are better systems available that do.

My long-term prediction is that in several decades, instead of shocking, offensive, or “hard to hear”, the concepts I talk about will be widely accepted and commonplace, and only a small pecentage of people will attempt long-term monogamy with the expectation if it actually working.

We’ll see.

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2 Comments on “Monogamy Doesn’t Work…And We All Know It

  1. Very interesting considering TYT’s are of the left political persuasion. I found the comments on Youtube for the video quite hilarious.

  2. Yeah, left-wing folks have less of a problem chucking the concept of marriage, but most of them are still going to cling to the concept of Disney monogamy. The move from mono relationships to poly ones I think is going to be more of a generational issue rather than a political one.

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